hayden | ♍ | infp | he/they pronouns
i like plants and i cant pronounce "aesthetic" to save my life


a new ask meme: go to my ask and paste the last thing you copied and send it to me without any explanation


groundwork of EVANGELION 3.33 [x, x]


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This theme comes with tons of options, so it might take a while to customize! It comes with 6 color options, 2 image options, 9 toggle options, 13 toggle options, and 31 text options! This theme is pretty jammed pack with features but a few of my favorites are the pop up profile, and askbox features. The askbox is optional, and will work without you having to do anything! This theme also comes with optional gradient background options, background image options, and even a few page alignment options! Please like or reblog this post if you plan on using this theme!


  • Optional gradient background, fullscreen background image, tiled background image, or default color background, as well as three page alignment options! Posts can be aligned to either the left, right, or centered! The sidebar also has a toggle option to be on the right.
  • Optional sidebar avatar, pop up ask box, and infinite scrolling!
  • This theme comes with a pop up profile that has four sections to it: About, Updates, Navigation, and Explore (tags). All content is customizable and all titles changeable! 
  • Optional hover permalinks, captions, and tags.
  • Optional 500px post widths if 400px isn’t large enough.
  • 3 sidebar image style options, and 3 post gap options!
  • And lots more! If you run into any problems with this theme feel free to send an ask and we’ll work it out right away. Note: to access the code wait 5 seconds and click ‘skip’! :^)

i just made an appointment with a therapist and tbh im kind of proud of myself

BREAKING: #Ferguson @ShaunKing: City Council confirms Darren Wilson is still being paid and will continue to be paid indefinitely.



can rich people feel


hows everyone? watching shit anime? ya me too


self confidence 101: ACCEPT COMPLIMENTS. please. if someone says ur cute, ur cute. someone says youre good at piano, guess what? for real, the second i started accepting compliments instead of being all “no im not” i really felt a fucking ton better about myself. and you repeat those compliments. every day i tell myself im a strong, tough, handsome punk. and i feel that way. just. accept compliments and fake confidence it til you make it. 

if home is where the heart is then we’re all just fucked.

Lorde shot by Marc Lemoine for Filter Magazine


who is this boy nd why does he keep taking selfies in public places